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Extreme Hate

Kay and Jim's lives were threatened by a man and his family, who believe that they can steal everything Kay has. The man is sure that he can pay off certain people, including the worst scum, to threaten Kay and Jim and even to kill them.


Short Summary

  • Kay lives in the country of Europeana. Everything was stolen from her. The theft continues. The apartment she paid for was stolen. Her money was stolen with the help of crooked judges. Over a million dollars was stolen. Now her ex husband has the money that once belonged to her. His family now has her apartment. The assault on her continues. She is being sued for big rental money, which she does not owe, plus she is threatened that if she does not pay legal fees of her husband, his lawyer will arrange for confiscation of what little she has left.

  • Jim is Kay's friend who is trying to help her.

  • Randy. Kay's ex husband. A racist. Brags about visiting Hitler's family. Lives in a tropical country Islandia. He calls the local people with dark skin monkeys. He repeatedly sent death threats to Kay and Jim, hates gays, calls them dirty names and does not want them in his resort, which he built with the money he more or less stole from Kay. He started to hate Muslims in the past and because Kay's father is a dark skinned doctor from Siriana, Randy started to hate Kay too, but he needs to prove that he is not a racist, so he lives with a new woman, an islander, who he cheats on and whose picture he displayed on the internet where she cleans a toilet. Randy has two kids with her. Other two kids he has with Kay. He is trying to show his love for the locals, but in reality he hates them, wants to kill them with Napalm or turn them into "yellow grease" - to use them as machine lubricant.

  • Randy's sister Letty and her husband Tim are suing Kay in fraudulent lawsuits.

  • Ralph Defoe. The new brave president of Islandia. He is known for allowing drug dealers to be killed without a trial. He wants to clear Islandia of all the scum and corruption. He loves to ride a motorcycle. Randy, who hates the Islanders, calls them monkeys on motorcycles and complains about lack of cocaine there.


Preliminary Film Outline

  • After the fall of Communism the country Europiana became a colony of the Western powers. It became infested with drugs and corruption. The puppet regime did what the masters wanted, without caring if it was good for its own nation or not.

  • New elites were created from those who were willing to collaborate with the new masters. The worst scum took advantage of the situation. Te loudest past critics of capitalism became the loudest critics of Communism. The haters of religion became religious.

  • One of the prominent members of the new society, who worked for Randy’s racist interests, has been going through attics of people - searching for antiques. He found some secret society articles and then claimed to have found them in his own attic and that he is therefore from this secret society's family. He and his friend, based on similar evidence, became various secret society members, certain old religion members, businessmen, and right-wing politicians (after having prominent left-wing ties during the Communist era). They used their connections and the most crooked ways to hurt Jim and Kay, whose dark-skin Muslim background Randy started to hate as much as he hated other dark skinned minority group for which he wished new Holocaust. He praised Hitler and wanted new Holocaust for at least one darker skin nation.

  • Randy was repeatedly dividing the family between the better “blue-eyed” ones, which was him and the daughter and the worse, “brown-eyed” ones, which was Kay and the son.

  • Randy hired or used the worst post-Communist scum to hurt Kay and Jim – him just because he was trying to help Kay. Randy’s lawyer is a powerful politician, who is known to win lawsuits. Right after the fall of Communism he joined an anticommunist right-wing organization, whose members were deciding, which judges with past Communist membership would be allowed to continue to work as judges and which would not. When he is in the courtroom, weird things happen. He, not the judges, often run the show.

  • There was a famous case of a mafia figure, who ordered murders of other mafia members. Randy’s lawyer represented him. The mafia member was freed and sentenced for life was an innocent man – in order to cover up that the murderers were policemen, who committed the crime for the mafia.

  • Randy’s lawyer is allegedly a high ranking secret society member and his wife belongs to a certain powerful religious organization. As a legislator she used, with her name, in the Parliament, a university title, which she did not have. She also started a state college, where degrees were issued quickly to policemen, politicians and mafia figures without attending classes.

  • White supremacist Randy, with the help of his lawyer, basically took all of Kay’s money – in this horrendous post-Communist-era crime. She is without any means, can’t even afford an attorney and the courts, which work fully for Randy's and his lawyer's interests, refuse to assign her one for free, despite the fact that she is eligible.

  • Randy’s lawyer uses his strong judiciary mafia ties and when he or his associates represents Randy or the crooks from his family against Kay, the laws in the courtroom do not matter. The judges do whatever they can in order so Kay loses. In this inhuman criminal fraud affair full of lies and false evidence she not only lost everything she had, but she is losing additional lawsuits for alleged debts to Randy’s family, which she never had; on the contrary, his family was indebted to her. False contracts, charges, testimonies, etc. are used against Kay. The state even tried to imprison her and Jim – based on police fabricated fake charges.

  • Randy’s lawyer lied tremendously in the courtroom to deny Kay even spouse support, which she was eligible for. Randy pays high fees for his lawyer’s services and even though the lawyer has all the evidence that everything is based on racial hatred and fraud, that his client is a racist, who is using neo-Nazi rhetoric, he does not care. He wants money; although he is an older person and does not even have children.

  • Randy used the most despicable methods to steal Kay’s half of the family fortune. He even used various crooked post-Communist politicians and ex communist secret agents and similar scum to spy on and threaten Kay and Jim. He repeatedly suggested that they would be killed. He knows, even wrote about it, that Jim does not have other relationship with Kay than friendship, but when it is convenient he and his lawyer claim in the courtroom that Jim is Kay’s lover – without presenting any evidence. The judges take their word for it – while acting as if they were highly bribed. Randy at the same time complains how much money everything costs him.

  • Randy, prior to moving to the tropical country of Islandia, read a book about a famous Europiana mafia figure – fugitive and murderer, who he physically resembles and who also moved to a tropical island country.

  • Randy sends his death threats even from Islandia. In the Europiana he befriended the Gypsies, who he hates, and threatened Kay and Jim’s lives through them. In Islandia he befriended the Islandians, who he hates, and threatens to send from there “a messenger” – after first threatening to use a “butcher”. Police ignores all of this as Randy was getting drunk for years with policemen from the state police headquarters.

  • Kay and Jim do not know what to do. Knowing Randy, they are convinced that he’s already decided to kill them, but before doing so, he is enjoying torturing them mentally, which he is very good at. They do not know when he plans to kill, but his plan is probably set in place no matter what. Even if he would die due to his reckless lifestyle, they would still be killed.

  • Before he left for Islandia he offered Kay about half a million dollars, which was a small portion of what originally belonged to her, but then gave her only about 1.5% of that for a debt he created and she was responsible to pay.

  • The family came to money following Kay’s investment in certain business. She gave everything that she inherited from sale of a house – after her grandmother’s death. The grandmother raised Kay after her mother died when she was little and her father, who was a medical student in Europiana, left back for Siriana. He never paid any child support. The grandparents, who were ordinary workers, worked hard to raise Kay and to give her college education.

  • Kay is a school teacher. Jim was a refugee, who long time ago escaped from Europiana and after attending college in the US, consulted e.g. for the universities Caltech and UCLA. Racial hatred is something totally foreign to him. Now, after what Randy and his lawyer have done to Kay and Jim, they basically became penniless.

  • They are hopeless as to what to do to help prevent Randy’s murder plans, to help Kay get at least a small portion of what once belonged to her, and to get rid of the debts that Randy and his family got her into via crooked lawsuits. Jim and Kay are afraid that any pressure on Randy would have the opposite effect. They still hold a hope that someone somewhere could help initiate a mechanism, where justice would be served and Kay would get back at least a portion of what Randy took from her – and that Randy would be very forcefully reminded that if he harms Kay, Jim, or anybody close to them, there would be extremely serious consequences to him and people around him.


The movie is a fiction, loosely based on true events; any resemblance or connections to real people is purely coincidental.




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